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We’ll Get to Weight Loss in a Moment


What if you could have relief from:

Stress –  relax your way to a positive outlook, crystal clear memory, and an exceptional quality of life using the latest technology of brain wave balancing, nutrition ,and detoxification.

Insomnia –  Balanced brainwaves equal a glorious night’s sleep and exceptional quality of life. Wake up refreshed, revitalized, and renewed using our unique program of nutrition, balancing brainwaves, detoxification, and a unique system of exercise to achieve your goals.

Fibromyalgia – regain your life from this debilitating condition.  The lifestyle changes use nutrition, detoxification, introduction of friendly bacteria, enzymes, exercise, and are also designed to boost the immune system and get your body working well again.

Neuropathy –  Reverse nerve damage, be free from pain & numbness, lose weight, and feel great. This program uses a unique combination of nutrition, deep electric stimulation, brain wave balancing, and a unique exercise program – all designed to get your body working as best it can and get you to be the best you can be!


If You Could Have Lost Weight on Your Own By Now, You Would Have!


Together we CAN get you to your weight loss goals!  That”s what we’re here for!

In this unique program, you’ll be given the exact steps to follow on a daily basis.  Recipes are provided for you, or you can choose meals on your own based on the specific foods on your program for the day.  These foods guidelines and the program were put together after many years of successfully helping thousands of patients get to their goal weight…and even more importantly, after helping thousands of patients finally get healthy and achieve their desired energy levels.


Body Wraps

This wrap was developed by a bio-chemist from UCLA.  The wrap process was formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients.  Patients experience tissue cleansing and this, in turn, causes healthy inch loss through external and internal cleansing.

You will experience inch loss, diminishing of cellulite and body contouring.  These results can be permanent and completely safe.


Weight Loss Supplementation

These supplements work together synergistically to speed weight loss.

Unfortunately, most people eat poor-quality foods that have been stripped of their nutrients.  We tend to be overfed and undernourished.  Given proper nutrition, the body has the amazing ability to heal itself and lose weight.  High quality supplementation is necessary for the healing process.


Self-Mastery Technology

It is vital to incorporate a program of stress reduction and relaxation into your weight loss program so that you will not  only lose your weight, but you will keep it off.  By reducing anxiety and stress and increasing relaxation, you can boost your immune system and use your own unlimited resources to lose weight and improve life.

As part of your weight loss program, you will experience Self-Mastery Technology (SMT) sessions designed specifically to help you lose your weight and keep it off. These systems have helped thousands of people to lose their weight and maintain it for life.

SMT is not only good for weight loss, but what if you could improve your mental golf game?  Now available is the Golf-Mastery Series to improve your mental focus.  90% of golf is played in the head and now there’s a solution.  Check out this video where Dr. Patrick Porter answers a few common questions.


The 12 Week Weight Loss and Maintenance Program is the Healthiest and Most Effective Way To:

  • Improve appearance
  • Maintain slimness
  • Detoxify the body; vital organs, liver, kidneys, blood purification
  • Cleanse intestinal tract of old waste material and hard encrustations
  • Enhance vitality
  • Improve health
  • Increase energy
  • Never have the need to lose weight again by following sound eating and exercise habits
  • Speed up food processing time
  • Appease the appetite and help lessen nervous tension
  • Reduce calorie intake while enhancing nutrition and stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • Achieve a completely safe weight loss of excess fat rather than protein tissue
  • Burn up excess fat from around the heart and other vital organs
  • Appease the appetite naturally instead of suppressing it chemically
  • Provide a broad spectrum of nutritional support with 5 digestive enzymes to assure assimilation
  • Lower excess cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood stream
  • Get to the root of other weight-related problems
  • Reduce the risk of cancer of the colon
  • Strengthen the peristaltic action of the bowels





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